Monday, August 6, 2012

Saturday Visitors

While we were staining the trusses on Saturday, the Brummet family stopped by to check on the construction progress.  It was quite a treat to show Amy, Monte, and Tripp what has been happening at noTTafarm.  (Sadly, Brenna was at Gramma's house for the week so we missed her cute face.)
Second Floor Tour
While Monte and Tripp watch from the stairs, Scott explains how the hallway will jog from the existing house to the new addition on the second floor.

Chasing Amy
You may remember that Amy helped Scott with the HVAC and plumbing portions of the construction drawings.  Here, she proudly points out the HVAC/plumbing chase - a void where all of the ductwork and pipes will run from the basement to the second floor.

You Can Take the Plumbing Designer Out of the Office . . . 
Amy and Scott examine the new waste pipes in the basement. She gave them her approval.

It's nice to see that 6-month old Tripp is carrying on the tradition of Monte's non-smiling smile! He really is a cutie and actually smiled quite a bit during his visit.

Thanks for stopping by, Brummet Family!  

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