Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Stuff for a Tuesday

This particular Tuesday was anything but boring at noTTafarm!  It was a day to pour concrete, build a fireplace, and install doors and windows.  A beautiful, sunny day and incredible progress.

In anticipation of the plans for the day, I made sure to stop by over the lunch hour.  It was humbling to see how much the hardworking crews accomplished in the time that it took me to edit a newsletter article and answer the phone during my allotted front desk duty.  (My job is pretty wimpy in comparison!)
The windows at lunchtime
By noon, windows were installed in the east side of the landing, the master suite, and the garage.

The fireplace at lunchtime
The masonry crew had the exterior of the chimney built up to about 6 feet and started working on the interior.

The concrete at lunchtime
OK - these puddles of concrete aren't the big news - the big news was going on in the basement beneath the great room. A 2-man crew was busy smoothing out the load of concrete that had been pumped in through a window earlier in the morning.

We were home from work by 5:45 - and so much more had been accomplished: 

They're getting ready to pour concrete in the garage. The floor is smoothed out and has a layer of gravel with fly ash additive.  

Seventeen windows and three doors were installed today. This door is at the west end of the connector;  the windows are on the north end of the dining area.

 Scott is in the photo for scale . . . now you can tell how tall the fireplace is getting!
Gorgeous Limestone Lintel!
Scott designed the fireplace so that it could incorporate some of the Kasota Limestone he had leftover from our front porch renovation at Grant Street.  It really makes a statement!

 Tools of the Masonry Trade

The West Side of the Great Room Shows Off Its 78 in Tall Windows
 Still waiting for installation:  the great room patio doors.  I can't wait to see these 8-ft. tall beauties in place!
 The landing has windows on both the east and west sides which flood the space with light.
 The french doors in the master suite lead out to the deck on top the garage.
Scott climbed down a ladder and through a future window to check out the basement concrete.  It looks great! The three stairs at the back lead to the mechanical room and to the staircase which will lead up to the connector. The space that looks like a hole in the wall to the left of the stairs is a "bonus room" created under the west door stoop and might make a good wine cellar. The space that looks like a hole in the wall to the right of the stairs will actually be a hole in the wall that leads to the 1920 basement.  
All in a Day's Work!
As the sun set over noTTafarm, we reflected on the day's progress - and couldn't be happier with how everything is going.  

Stay Tuned for More!


  1. It's amazing how fast things are moving...and I'm loving the herringbone/chevron fireplace. Beautiful!! I can't wait to see what the guys accomplish today :)

  2. Thanks, Marie! You need to visit soon!