Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Framing: Day 20 + Masonry: Day 8 + Visitors!

Check out Wednesday's day of progress!

The interior side of the fireplace now extends past the ceiling. 
With all the scaffolding set up, it's hard to get a clear photo (but it looks cool!)

 The exterior of the fireplace

The framing crew further shaped the kitchen today, adding the lower portion of the north wall.  
Scott is standing where the sink will be installed. He'll be able to wash dishes and look into the great room at the same time (he'll be able to...but will he actually wash dishes? Only time will tell.) 

The pantry walls are now in place. 
Scott is standing in the doorway which can be accessed from the hallway or straight east from the kitchen.  

A New Hallway
This hall leads from the connector, past the pantry (at left) and continues to the powder room (the white box at left), and then into the parlor (through that temporary particle board "door".)

noTTafarm Visitors!
Welcome Back, Brummet Family!  Amy and Monte brought Tripp and Brenna along for the ride with their friend Jason to get a load of firewood for a camping trip. It was a treat to give them a tour - and to see those cute babies!
Monte and Jason and Brenna (and her popsicle.)

Stay Tuned for More Progress!


  1. Thanks, LuAnn! Something amazing happens each day! :)