Saturday, March 11, 2017

Who's Ready?

We are Ready for our second year as gardeners! Are you ready to watch the fun? We've already started making plans, discussing what did and didn't work, and thinking about where to place what. Last weekend when we had a 60-degree Saturday, we pulled all of the snarled, dead plant carcasses out and hauled them to the burn pile. All we need is for Spring to officially get here!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

Powder Room Pick-Me-Up Begins with Paint

Way back when we were in the thick of remodeling, Scott planted the seed of an idea for the Powder Room. The implementation of this plan is finally in place...and you'll soon see the results. But - the first step was for me to quell the wild idea of painting the powder room's interior walls. Over the past few years, I grew tired of our original paint ("Fawn Brindle" greige) and stewed about a replacement color for several months. Finally...we had a winner.
No - it's not wet concrete. It's Sherwin Williams 7670 Gray Shingle.
Just like old and my paint stick with roller at the ready.
Of course, buying a gallon of paint and taking a few hours to paint is never that simple. First, Scott decided to repair some flaws in the drywall (which took a couple of days.) Friday afternoon, he prepped the room further by removing all of the decor, the towel ring, the light fixtures and the switch plates. Then, when I thought it was finally time to paint, Scott insisted on taping off the wood work and steel trim and cutting in - very precisely, very slowly. Finally(!) 90 minutes later, I started rolling.
Without the wall sconces, the powder room was dark. Scott set up the trouble lights and we painted in the shadows. Spooky!
Ta Da!
Painted and put back together before the ten o'clock news. This room is the hardest at noTTafarm to photograph but trust me, it looks great. The tone of the Gray Shingle is very similar to the previous paint color but this more-true gray is a better match for the tile. Stop by and check it out!
Stay Tuned for More Powder Room Projects!