Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wintertime Blahs

Now that January is just hours from ending, I thought I'd better get something on the blog. I apologize for making you wait a month between posts. No worries, though! We're still kickin'.

We haven't worked on any home projects but we've been keeping busy with work and watching TV with the kitties. Up until Friday, it had been a lazy month!

On Friday the 29th, we traveled to Kearney for our long-awaited Ward Family Christmas. Getting an extended family of 20-ish adults to squeeze in a gathering around the actual holidays can be a challenge so this was our weekend to finally get together. Saturday was the 21st birthday of nephew Joe so we had even more to celebrate! The unseasonably warm weather gave us all a break from a relatively brutal (so far) winter which made the weekend even better.

Now on to the rest of 2016!

We really don't have any excuses why we shouldn't be working on something . . . especially when I got this certificate in my stocking on Christmas Day. Scott has promised to work on five home improvements this year.  So far, I've narrowed the list to four but would love your feedback. How do these projects sound?

1.) Master Bath Finish: clean up the grout, hang towel bars, add crown molding
2.) Build bookshelf for the pantry
3.) Create a raised-bed, deer-proof-fenced vegetable garden
4.) Add deck outside the master bedroom (over 3rd garage bay)

Any other suggestions? We always have more to do; we are only limited by time and money (but aren't we all?) I'll keep you apprised of any progress made, of course!

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!