Monday, December 26, 2011

Ol' Fashioned Christmas Tree

Though we've been in the Spirit all along, Christmas finally came to noTTafarm (in the form of a Christmas tree) on Saturday, the 24th.  I decided that the best way to celebrate our first Christmas living in the country was to cut a cedar out of the pasture and use it as our tree.
Scott and I scoped out the best candidate cedar tree a week ago.  It seemed to have the most traditional shape and the small size that we needed.
 Firing up the Farm Boss. . . though we could have easily cut this little guy down with a butter knife.


 I hoisted the tree over my shoulder for the trek back to the Ranger.  (Sure we could have walked down the slope and back again but what fun would that be?)

 The Ranger carted the tree back to the house in fine style.

 We placed the tree in the library and decorated it with just a few lightweight ornaments and a single string of lights.
Not too bad for a free tree!  It was a fun way to decorate but given the "natural scent", we probably will seek a more traditional option next year. 

Merry Christmas from noTTafarm!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from noTTafarm!

Scott and Kristin wish all of you a very
Merry Christmas!
We enjoyed Christmas Eve dinner at noTTafarm with Carl and Marita.  To help us celebrate, they brought along a bottle of Asti and this adorable candle.  We had a wonderful evening!  Scott and I are really looking forward to all of the merry occasions we will share with all of you at noTTafarm!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Little Drywall Ends the Weekend on the Right Note

When the sun went down and the Ranger was put away for the night, Scott made a little time to work on drywall in the 2nd floor bathroom.  He was able to install one big sheet on the sink wall - and gets extra credit for having to figure out where to cut holes for the supply lines, waste pipe, lighting wiring, and medicine chest.  He was also able to make progress with taping and mudding.

 Installing blocking for the medicine chest.

  Good job, Scotty!

50 Degrees in December? Heck Yeah!

It was just too nice to be inside much this past weekend.  Yes, we have tons of work to do.  Yes, Christmas is a week away and we have no tree or presents purchased.  But when you have a new Polaris Ranger 4x4 just itchin' to do some work, it's hard to concentrate on indoor tasks!

Great weather to get the fire started!

 First, Scott figured out how to remove the Ranger's snow plow.

We loaded up the Ranger with wood from one of the piles west of the house.
Backing the ranger up to the fire pit for easy dumpin'.

Scott demonstrates the dump bed function. . . it just takes a quick lift of the lever (I like to pronounce it "leeeever" just for fun).

Scott even let me drive!  And, yes, I am wearing my fluffy yellow mittens.  What is this, a fashion show?

On Sunday, Scott cleared the west slope trail a bit wider so the Ranger can drive the entire circuit.  He and his trusty chainsaw took out about fifty 1/2" - to - 6" diameter trees.  Scott replenished the "new" firewood pile behind the barn, and burned a bunch, too.  A productive weekend - just not in the way I had planned. 

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not Every Task is Huge . . .

. . . but they're all equally important.  Scott accomplished a small job that had been nagging at us since we moved in six weeks ago.  We were finally able to install two polished aluminum window blinds in the kitchen and on the north-facing door.  This small improvement really looks great, and the blinds are much more functional than the temporary window coverings.
Leo waits on the landing for the fun to begin.

Scott tears down the temporary paper blind. 

A few minutes later, the first blind was up!

 Installing the blind over the kitchen sink was more complicated; Scott had to use the step ladder!

 Leo moved to the ledge above the wall oven for a better view of the action. 

All done!  Thanks, Scotty!

The holidays and all the associated hub-bub have taken a lot of our time, attention, and energy.  Stay tuned, and I guarantee we'll accomplish something more exciting!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sites 'round a Snow-covered noTTafarm

 First things, first.  Scott cleared the steps on the north porch.  
(Poor Winston misses having a garage!)

Scott heard a ruckus Sunday afternoon, and discovered these two turkeys having a squabble in the west yard.  He saw them pushing and biting and pecking at each other for over half an hour. 

Sunday afternoon brought us some beautiful sunshine!

More crazy tracks at noTTafarm . . oh, wait.  This belongs to Scott's new Polaris!

 Even the whiskey-barrel-iron-ring-trash Audi symbol on the barn looks "fancy" with a fresh coat of snow.

Stay Tuned for More Wintertime Fun!

noTTafarm Snow Has Met Its Match

Scott has a new friend that will help him tackle the fluffy stuff this winter.  Our new 2012 Polaris Ranger 500 EFI 4x4 utility vehicle was delivered Friday after work - and just in time, as the Omaha area received over six inches of snow on Saturday, December 3. 
 Knowing that snow was in the forecast, the dealer took it upon himself to deliver the Ranger Friday evening.  Scott was so excited to watch him drive it off the trailer.

A winch raises and lowers the 60-inch snow plow.

 Saturday afternoon, when the snow started to slow down, we took the Ranger out for its first spin.  The cab and heater make this 2-seater pretty comfortable!

After one pass down the driveway.

Scott pushes the snow off the concrete drive on the east side of the house.

The Ranger is going to come in handy for many noTTafarm tasks; the rear bed tilts up like a little dump truck.  So cute!  (Well, maybe "cute" isn't the right word.)

Scott took this photo Sunday afternoon.  You can see how clear the driveway is, thanks to the Ranger!  The Mini shouldn't have any trouble getting to work Monday morning (boo!)

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!