Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not Every Task is Huge . . .

. . . but they're all equally important.  Scott accomplished a small job that had been nagging at us since we moved in six weeks ago.  We were finally able to install two polished aluminum window blinds in the kitchen and on the north-facing door.  This small improvement really looks great, and the blinds are much more functional than the temporary window coverings.
Leo waits on the landing for the fun to begin.

Scott tears down the temporary paper blind. 

A few minutes later, the first blind was up!

 Installing the blind over the kitchen sink was more complicated; Scott had to use the step ladder!

 Leo moved to the ledge above the wall oven for a better view of the action. 

All done!  Thanks, Scotty!

The holidays and all the associated hub-bub have taken a lot of our time, attention, and energy.  Stay tuned, and I guarantee we'll accomplish something more exciting!


  1. K of the New PeopleDecember 19, 2011 at 3:37 PM

    Great blog, Kristin! Thanks for the card. I'm tuckered out just thinking about all the work you've done there. I'm also jealous of Scott's new chainsaw. When I saw that I heard a big Tim Taylor grunt in my mind.

  2. Thanks, K! I hope you and "S" can visit noTTafarm some time soon :)