Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring in Bloom ~ at Last!

After a week of warm temperatures and a rainy Sunday, noTTafarm is finally showing its gorgeous spring colors! I snapped a few photos after work tonight for your viewing pleasure (if you click on the image, it will open larger.)
 Crab apple in the east yard
 Plum bushes along the driveway

 New grass is Finally sprouting in the west yard!
One of my Saturday CostCo finds has a new home on the northwest stoop

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

Spring Saturday

A typical Saturday at noTTafarm - some work, some shopping, some napping. What more could a noTTafarmer need?
Scott Gets Some Help From Bibbers (As Wilson Sneaks Away)
We finally got around to planting more grass seed, turning our attention to the south yard. This area was particularly damaged during the construction phase. Side note:  can you believe it's been nearly 2 years since we kicked-off the construction of the new addition? Crazy!
Bibbers loves to drop, plop, and roll but Wilson rarely gives him the time of day.  
Good try though, Bibbs!
First Flower Purchase:  Inspected by Leo and Wilson
I convinced Scott that we should run to CostCo Saturday morning. I was so glad we found these big pots of mixed annuals! (I went back on Sunday to get one more and they were nearly sold out. They were selling like hotcakes!)
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Happy Easter

Easter was a quiet celebration for us this year. Scott's been a bit under the weather so we decided to take it easy. The beautiful weekend weather gave our spirits a boost so we made a quick Saturday trip to Kearney to spend the day with some of the Ward family.
Chelsie's pup Kiya had a good day at Mom and Dad's. 
Sadly, the three baby bunnies she discovered were not so lucky.
Great niece Maggie hasn't seen me since October so Lauren tried to get her to smile for me.
Even her gramma LuAnn couldn't convince a doubting Maggie that I wasn't just some crazy ol' lady, out to squeeze those cheeks. 
Meanwhile, great niece Allie and her Papa (my big brother Mark) found a good place to sit and watch the big boys in action.
A new outbuilding will soon be erected at Mom and Dad's, so Scott, Dad, and nephew Joe mapped out the ideal location. 
Pretty exciting stuff - to watch three men using a tape measure! 
Before coming out to Mom and Dad's, Allie attended two Easter egg hunts! 
Her social calendar fills up quickly.
"Super Maggie!" gets a boost from Chelsie.

Our trip to Kearney was short but sweet! 

Sunday morning, we went to church early then to the "New People's" house for brunch. Kevin, Sara and Bennett fed us a delicious meal (including Sara's family's famous walnut coffee cake) and entertained us with a few games of ping pong and plenty of Bennett Time.
Kevin, Sara, and Bennett at Saint Paul 

Bennett has his very own Grant Street play house!
Sara probably got this up and decorated a little quicker noTTafarm was built. Perhaps she should act as General Contractor for us next time.

A Good Time Was Had By All!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Back to Work and it Feels so Good!

What a great day! Saturday (April 12) was sunny and warm with not much wind. It actually felt like winter was finally gone. We took advantage of the great weather, and found a fun project to finish outside:  moving the telephone poles out of the west yard. Check it out!
The trailer and Ranger were called into duty.
My new tile spade came in handy, loosening the ground around the half-buried poles.
Scott used the chainsaw to cut the poles into 10-ft. (give or take a foot) lengths.
When the first pole was lifted up, I was fascinated by the giant earthworm! 
Sadly, Scott noticed that this is actually a small snake. Even now as I type this several hours later, I have the heebie-jeebies.
 We'll have to haul some dirt over to fill the trenches left behind.
 It took some muscle to wrangle the poles onto the trailer.
 Bibbers lent a helping hand by laying in the shade under the Ranger.
The poles are now at home on the old concrete pad east of the house. 
I'm sure the pine logs will be good neighbors.
Saturday Bonus:  Megan!
Our friend Megan stopped by to pick up some moving boxes. My former co-worker and her hubby are relocating to Lincoln next month.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

A Fun Weekend in Kansas City!

April is off to a slow start around noTTafarm but I have a good excuse. I ran away to Kansas City last weekend with a wild group of women! Eight members of the Ward family were able to make the long-anticipated trip. Planning began last November with my mom and dad's silent auction purchase of the weekend trip. Finally, last Friday, two big SUVs started out from Kearney, picked up some of us in Lincoln, and headed down the interstate. 

My sister Karolyn made the first purchase of the trip. 
She found a neat belt and cute t-shirt at White House Black Market. Good job, Pooh!
Sister-in-law LuAnn scored these stylish Sperry's. Adorable! 
It was so fun having three nieces along for the trip! 
Chelsie and Karli were all smiles when we stopped shopping for lunch on Saturday.
Karolyn and LuAnn
Sadly, family obligations kept LuAnn's daughters-in-law (Monica and Brooke) from joining us this time.
 Me and My Mommy Jolene
 Sister-in-law Teresa and niece Lauren
Saturday night, we ate dinner at Garozzo's Italian Restaurant in downtown Kansas City. 
Karli, Jolene, Chelsie 
 I couldn't help but take a picture of my Limoncello Cake! 
Oh so delicious!
These two ladies, Marlene and Cindy, were responsible for chauffeuring us all weekend. In their normal lives, they are moms of kids that attend Kearney Catholic schools. They, and a group of friends, donated the trip which we all enjoyed! They put up with all of our shenanigans, drove like champs, and kept everything moving smoothly.
Sunday Morning ~ Time to Go Home
Mom surprised us with monogrammed tote bags which we happily filled with bargains throughout our fun weekend!
Thanks, Mom & Dad!