Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kitchen Shelving Project Kicks-off

When we designed the kitchen, one of my many outrageous demands was open shelving. I pictured our colorful Fiesta collection as a relief from the dark stain of the cabinets. Scott specifically left an open spot in the kitchen's north wall for a shelving system he would eventually design, fabricate, and install. Those of you who have visited noTTafarm over the last 18 months have probably thought of this space as a pass-thru from the hallway into the kitchen. With our busy summer activities now complete, Scott finally found time to get the project started. Check it out!
The first step was to create a surround of steel in the opening. The steel construction will match that of the connector stair rail system.
Each of the 5" x 5" angles was cut to the correct length. Scott used his metal chop saw and handheld grinder to cut through the steel. It wasn't easy and required patience (and ear protection!)
To properly size the two side pieces, the top piece had to be put in place and secured with temporary supports.
Once the sides were the correct length, Scott lifted them into place. The side pieces will help hold the upper piece until the vertical shelf supports are bolted through.

There are many more steps to go and the design has been refined as he worked with the steel. It's going to look fantastic! Check back often for more details.
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Thieves Invade noTTafarm

Poor little Bibbers . . . he's ready for lunch but his bowl on the northwest stoop is empty! He knows that Scott filled the bowl that morning (plus the bowl on the courtyard because a kitty needs two bowls but that's a story for a different day.) What creature could be behind this dastardly deed? A mountain lion? A coyote?
Nope! Just a group of hungry turkeys.
Now that autumn is upon us, the turkeys have a harder time finding normal turkey food and go for the easy-to-find Kibbles 'n Bits. Perhaps with Thanksgiving just around the corner, the big group of turkeys hanging around noTTafarm will soon be on their way.
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One More for Lumberjack Day

With all the excitement and last-minute party set-up, I neglected to take a photo of our newest Lumberjack Day decor item - a wreath hanging near the courtyard door.
I had the idea to decorate a wreath with criss-crossed axes so I made a trip to the costume aisle at Nobbies and picked up two "Tin Man" silver plastic pieces. Scott wasn't satisfied with the complete fakey-ness of these axes so he painted the blades black and stained the handles with leftover front door gel stain, trimming the handles with some red masking tape.  They are held together with a nut and bolt from Scott's vast collection. When I explained that I wanted a "welcome" plaque, he found a discarded piece of siding, a tiny can of red paint, and a little paint brush to complete my vision. I did help with this, of course - I was responsible for adding the burlap and leaves - so it was a true team effort!
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Lumberjack Day 2014: Less Work - More Fun!

With all the hubbub of the recent noTTafarm wedding, the thought of a full-fledged, get-dirty, work-hard, chop-down-trees, lumber-jacking session didn't seem that appealing. So we took it down a notch, and instead celebrated a sunny autumn Saturday (October 11) with good food and plenty of great friends and family. Needless to say, a good time was had by all!
Arriving to noTTafarm first for the third year in a row:  the Kupzyks (of The New People!) Baby Bennett is no longer a baby ~ he turned two today (October 13th).
Since Sarah's parents and grandmother were in town for Bennett's birthday, they came along for a hotdog and s'mores lunch.
 Hey, Look! Meredith is here!
Our favorite 10 year-old and her awesome mommy, Leigh Anne, came over at lunchtime. Can you tell they're rooting for the Royals during this exciting post season? It's always great to have these two visit (all the way from Papillion!)
Another Lumberjack Days First: dogs in attendance! Our friends Kevin and Christine brought their new puppy, Marley Mae, along to help her get used to lots of people. Such a sweetie!
Another Lumberjack Days First:  Wilson - well, not Wilson but . . .
 . . . Wilson killed a mouse (or maybe it's a mole?!) Though he spends quite a bit of time outdoors, we've never seen him hunt anything so this was "interesting." Poor mouse.
My brother Mark swears I told him to bring his own beer so, of course, he had to be a show-off and bring along his favorite Alaskan Amber.
Another Lumberjack Days First:  Kitra! Our youngest great niece is such a happy 10-month-old and, clearly, the apple of her daddy Tyler's eye.
The platform used for the wedding ceremony last month was moved to a patch under trees near the house. It made an irresistible stage for some fancy footwork by Meredith.
Bennett took to the stage for a rousing rendition of the Teddy Bear song.
Meredith, a superfan of all things kitty cat, greeted Bibbers near the barn.
New friendships are always forged at Lumberjack Days! Our friend Lisa, visiting noTTafarm for the first time, brought along her 4 year old daughter, Lauren who in turn became fast friends with Brenna, Amy and Monte's 5 year old. They zoomed all over on Brenna's 4-wheeler, sat in the hammock together, went on a nature hike, and taught Auntie Kristin the meaning of that high-pitched scream only girls this age can create. (There is no meaning. . .they just can't help themselves.)
Scott increased his popularity by giving the kids rides in the Ranger.
A pennant string hanging from the wedding arch made a colorful backdrop for photos. Tyler, Monica, and Kitra were picture perfect! (Please note Kitra's adorable Scottie dog shirt and Monica's lumberjack inspired plaid!)
Mark and LuAnn are always in fashion. 
 Ah, yes! The tradition continues:  Mr. and Mrs. Ward smooching for the camera.
Brenna and Tripp mistake daddy Monte and buddy Gary for jungle gyms. This is Tripp's third Lumberjack Day and he's not even three yet! (We like to start out our Superfans really young so they have a lifetime of noTTafarm activities to look forward to.)
I was soooo happy that Megan returned to Omaha for the day! She and Amy had much to catch up on since Megan and Scott's move to Lincoln last spring.
Another Lumberjack Days First:  another dog! Emma is Pat and Kathleen's beautiful husky. She's such a good pup and was very well-behaved.  Good job, Emma! (p.s. Isn't Kathleen beautiful? Getting married at noTTafarm has magical powers.)
A few of my former co-workers also happen to be a few of my very best friends: Marie, Megan, Amy, and Gary.

As with all big noTTafarm events, my one regret (other than yelling at innocent people that are trying to help me) is that I didn't take enough photos! I neglected to capture the following:
1.) my sister, Karolyn, and her husband, Alan, visiting from Meeker, Colo;
2.) our nephew Joe, his girlfriend Sara, and his buddy Anthony ~ all students at UNL;
3.) our niece Chelsie, always such a good helper and wonderful sport;
4.) Carl and Marita, who brought along their out-of-town guests, Becky and Bob (it was so nice to meet them!) Marita also shared two of her famous pecan pies which were sooo good!;
5.) our friend Sonya and friend, Mark (making one of his first public appearances as Sonya's special someone);
6.) my brother Tim and his wife Teresa who I owe $$$ for the ice they purchased. Tim stayed after everyone had left for the night and washed all my dishes.  Thank You, Timmy!;
7.) my friend and former OWH co-worker, Lisa ~ visiting noTTafarm for the first time with her precocious 4 year old daughter Lauren;
8.) my adorable friend Christine who accompanied her beau Kevin and pup Marley Mae but had to dash off to Des Moines shortly after noon;
9.) our sweet niece Karli, home late to Omaha after celebrating Dakota Days at USD;
10.) our nephew Pat ~ the recently wed lucky husband of Kathleen;
11.) our friend Mary (Gary's wife) who brought along a super delicious peanut butter dip with vanilla wafers and kept us entertained in the kitchen;
12.) Kathleen's mama Liz and brother Dan ~ who I hope will come and visit us often;
13.) and very special visitors:  Doris and Janis who toured the finished house for the first time. We were so happy that noTTafarm's previous residents stopped by and are so glad to call them friends;
14.) and my Mommy and Daddy who had to miss this year's party due to Dad's recent knee replacement. We'll see you here next year, Ray and Jolene! Don't forget your chainsaw!

Another wonderful noTTafarm celebration is in the books. Now we can sit back and relax . . . oh, wait. The holidays are just around the corner!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Indian Summer Field Trip II

The final Sunday of September was a great day for a field trip. This time, Scott and I ventured out with his folks to visit two barns featured on the Iowa Barn Foundation's Fall Tour. We selected two restored and historic barns close to home, one near Beebeetown and one near Harlan. It was a beautiful, warm day to head out across the state line.
First Stop:  the Finken barn near Beebeetown
This barn was built in 1927 on land purchased by the family in 1892.The barn was in tear-down condition prior to its 2004 restoration.
The metal cupola was removed, restored, and returned to crown the gothic roofline. 
The roof has laminated rafters which were raised into place with gin pole and horses. Each rafter is five boards thick, bolted together and cut in the curved shape. 
(Note:  information provided by the Iowa Barn Foundation...I did not determine these facts by pure observation.)
This cute play kitchen was on display in the Finken barn.  
Lynn Finken, seated, was 4 years old when the barn was built. The Finken family was very welcoming, providing homemade cookies for visitors along with stories about the restoration. They first opened the barn for public tours in 2006.
The corn crib at the Finken farm. 
Second Stop:  the Heflin barn near Harlan
This barn was built in 1901 and is 40x36 feet.
 The barn tour afforded many opportunities for photos.
 The barn's upper floor was of particular interest to Scott.
 Another view of the Heflin barn.
The views from the Heflin property are simply amazing; the farm has 360-degree valley views. This time of year, with the crops turning golden and the sky so blue, the view is particularly beautiful. The Heflin family has worked hard to not only keep the barn in great condition but their entire property.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!