Sunday, October 26, 2014

One More for Lumberjack Day

With all the excitement and last-minute party set-up, I neglected to take a photo of our newest Lumberjack Day decor item - a wreath hanging near the courtyard door.
I had the idea to decorate a wreath with criss-crossed axes so I made a trip to the costume aisle at Nobbies and picked up two "Tin Man" silver plastic pieces. Scott wasn't satisfied with the complete fakey-ness of these axes so he painted the blades black and stained the handles with leftover front door gel stain, trimming the handles with some red masking tape.  They are held together with a nut and bolt from Scott's vast collection. When I explained that I wanted a "welcome" plaque, he found a discarded piece of siding, a tiny can of red paint, and a little paint brush to complete my vision. I did help with this, of course - I was responsible for adding the burlap and leaves - so it was a true team effort!
Stay Tuned for More Crafting Fun!    

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