Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kitchen Shelving Project Kicks-off

When we designed the kitchen, one of my many outrageous demands was open shelving. I pictured our colorful Fiesta collection as a relief from the dark stain of the cabinets. Scott specifically left an open spot in the kitchen's north wall for a shelving system he would eventually design, fabricate, and install. Those of you who have visited noTTafarm over the last 18 months have probably thought of this space as a pass-thru from the hallway into the kitchen. With our busy summer activities now complete, Scott finally found time to get the project started. Check it out!
The first step was to create a surround of steel in the opening. The steel construction will match that of the connector stair rail system.
Each of the 5" x 5" angles was cut to the correct length. Scott used his metal chop saw and handheld grinder to cut through the steel. It wasn't easy and required patience (and ear protection!)
To properly size the two side pieces, the top piece had to be put in place and secured with temporary supports.
Once the sides were the correct length, Scott lifted them into place. The side pieces will help hold the upper piece until the vertical shelf supports are bolted through.

There are many more steps to go and the design has been refined as he worked with the steel. It's going to look fantastic! Check back often for more details.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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