Saturday, October 4, 2014

Indian Summer Field Trip II

The final Sunday of September was a great day for a field trip. This time, Scott and I ventured out with his folks to visit two barns featured on the Iowa Barn Foundation's Fall Tour. We selected two restored and historic barns close to home, one near Beebeetown and one near Harlan. It was a beautiful, warm day to head out across the state line.
First Stop:  the Finken barn near Beebeetown
This barn was built in 1927 on land purchased by the family in 1892.The barn was in tear-down condition prior to its 2004 restoration.
The metal cupola was removed, restored, and returned to crown the gothic roofline. 
The roof has laminated rafters which were raised into place with gin pole and horses. Each rafter is five boards thick, bolted together and cut in the curved shape. 
(Note:  information provided by the Iowa Barn Foundation...I did not determine these facts by pure observation.)
This cute play kitchen was on display in the Finken barn.  
Lynn Finken, seated, was 4 years old when the barn was built. The Finken family was very welcoming, providing homemade cookies for visitors along with stories about the restoration. They first opened the barn for public tours in 2006.
The corn crib at the Finken farm. 
Second Stop:  the Heflin barn near Harlan
This barn was built in 1901 and is 40x36 feet.
 The barn tour afforded many opportunities for photos.
 The barn's upper floor was of particular interest to Scott.
 Another view of the Heflin barn.
The views from the Heflin property are simply amazing; the farm has 360-degree valley views. This time of year, with the crops turning golden and the sky so blue, the view is particularly beautiful. The Heflin family has worked hard to not only keep the barn in great condition but their entire property.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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