Monday, September 29, 2014

Indian Summer Field Trip

Autumn has officially arrived! We are enjoying clear blue skies and the golden glow the sun casts on the trees. This time of year also offers a wide range of fun things to do (not that cleaning the house or mowing the yard isn't "fun".) Field trips this past weekend were welcome breaks from our normal routine - check out the fun!

Saturday, I ventured out on the open road to join in the central Nebraska fun that is Junk Jaunt. I met my mom, niece Chelsie, and her friend Amanda in Grand Island. Chelsie had our route all figured out so that we would hit a good variety of junk, rummage, and antique sales plus get a good ol' dose of Nebraska tourism.
Chelsie, Amanda, and Jolene ham it up for the photographer at our stop near Cairo.
Did you know that Elba is Nebraska's Bee Capitol? They also have a reputation for being wonderful Kolache bakers! We loaded up on delicious pastries (apricot was delish; rhubarb was a new one!)
Near Arcadia, we passed a field of sunflowers which was a nice break from all the corn and soybeans.
Classic water tower in North Loup - where I bought a super cute apron for only $3.
Chelsie's mommy was never far from her thoughts. . .as it should be, right Pooh?
I'm officially an antique! In Broken Bow, mom found a University of Nebraska yearbook and I noticed something looked familiar. Two Greek yearbooks from my era in school (and both with my picture included) were for sale ($6 each.)
Every where we went, we found evidence of the turning seasons. This pretty tree was in Danebrog.

Junk Jaunt was really fun - not only for the camaraderie and bargains but for the chance to explore parts of the state I don't often see.

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure! 

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