Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wedding Planning: Down to the Wire

The last week was a whirlwind of activity pointed toward the Big Day of September 6. Who would have thought that one phrase uttered over Thanksgiving dinner, "why don't you just have your wedding here?" would lead to such a long "to-do" list? It's an experience we'll never regret nor forget, that's for sure! Check out the final set-up steps:

Mama Marita was a huge help, cutting large canvas tarps down to size. The 40" x 30" final pieces will be used to cover the tops of hay bales for seating at the wedding.
Of course, Leo had to find an alternative use for the canvas . . . creating a kitty cat fortress for naptime!
Dad Carl aided Scott in the construction of a temporary "cozy" for the transformer. This portion of the yard, north of the house, will be used as an area for games (croquet, corn hole, yard darts, ladderball, etc.)
The cozy turned out a bit too tall, according to me, but Scott's reasoning was to "uphold the integrity of the pallet." Who thought that a lowly pallet was held in such high esteem?
Our niece Kate came home to Omaha early to both attend the wedding of a lifelong friend over the Labor Day weekend, and to pitch in with her little brother's wedding prep. I know Kathleen appreciated Kate's artistic eye while they toiled away in Centerpiece Central.
Since guests are going to park in the east pasture, Scott thought it best to warn them of the potential dangers on their way to the party site. The deep raccoon and marmot condominium hole now has a nice fence post-and-wire surround.
A tomato cage was called in to duty to protect folks from tumbling into the marmot's secondary entrance.
The east pasture was transformed into a parking lot with cans of official marking spray paint. Special Thanks to brother Jeff and dad Carl for working tirelessly on this project! Unfortunately, striping day coincided with the week's hottest day.  Thursday, September 4 had high humidity and a high temperature in the 90s.
The parking area is divided into four sections with three entrances. There are enough marked stalls for over 90 cars.
As promised by our local weathermen, Friday morning began with a cold front moving through. The temperatures were in the low 60s in the morning - just as the big wedding supplies arrived. United Rent-All supplied the tent, dance floor, chairs, and tables.  
The restroom trailer arrived mid-morning. In addition to a toilet, each stall has a sink with running water, a mirror, and piped-in music. Pretty upscale for a porta-potty!
Of course, Mr. Camp had to get out the level to help the restroom guy finish the installation precisely.
Friday morning, Kate helped me arrange some last-minute plants I purchased Thursday. Thank you, Katie!
Nephew Andrew was on-hand, too. He was happy to help with his big brother's wedding!
The stage was put into place by a fine selection of Camp boys. Dad Jeff, brother Pete, brother Andrew, and Alessio (Kate's "out-law" boyfriend) made moving that heavy platform seem pretty easy!
Here's the bride-to-be, giving the stage a try. In just about 24 hours, Kathleen will be married and we'll officially have a new niece!
Stay Tuned for More Details!

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