Saturday, June 24, 2017

June Happ'nin's

Ten photos representing what's been happening this month:
Sunsets have been vibrant with the hot weather and frequent thunderstorms.
There's some prairie grass at the bottom of the west slope that is nearly as tall as me. Seeing it reinforces my belief that I would have made a terrible pioneer. How does one walk miles through such tall, dense grass?
 Pops of purpley-pink populate the west slope.
The neighbor's alfalfa pasture south of us has been cut in intervals. A third of it was cut two weeks ago, then another third cut a week later and the final third cut yesterday. Any hay experts out there care to explain why they did it this way? It seems inefficient.
 The crew baled in the 96-degree heat this week.
A big thunderstorm rolled through the Metro on June 16, leaving behind a trail of popcorn clouds. Those of us on the north side of town were spared the severe damage suffered in Bellevue and Plattsmouth.
Scott with his tall shadow.  
The cottonwood fluff has been flying! After the big thunderstorm, we picked up quite a few branches with the fluff still attached.  
Last Sunday (June 18,) Scott dragged the harrow up and down the driveway, weighed down with a section of pallet. He also used the snow plow (weighed down with a bucket of sand) to redistribute gravel along the length of the driveway. His four hours of work resulted in a practically-new driveway - though we will probably need a load of gravel before winter.
Good job, Scotty!
Scott in silhouette, putting the pallet back in the corncrib.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!