Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Saturday

A typical Saturday at noTTafarm - some work, some shopping, some napping. What more could a noTTafarmer need?
Scott Gets Some Help From Bibbers (As Wilson Sneaks Away)
We finally got around to planting more grass seed, turning our attention to the south yard. This area was particularly damaged during the construction phase. Side note:  can you believe it's been nearly 2 years since we kicked-off the construction of the new addition? Crazy!
Bibbers loves to drop, plop, and roll but Wilson rarely gives him the time of day.  
Good try though, Bibbs!
First Flower Purchase:  Inspected by Leo and Wilson
I convinced Scott that we should run to CostCo Saturday morning. I was so glad we found these big pots of mixed annuals! (I went back on Sunday to get one more and they were nearly sold out. They were selling like hotcakes!)
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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