Monday, December 26, 2011

Ol' Fashioned Christmas Tree

Though we've been in the Spirit all along, Christmas finally came to noTTafarm (in the form of a Christmas tree) on Saturday, the 24th.  I decided that the best way to celebrate our first Christmas living in the country was to cut a cedar out of the pasture and use it as our tree.
Scott and I scoped out the best candidate cedar tree a week ago.  It seemed to have the most traditional shape and the small size that we needed.
 Firing up the Farm Boss. . . though we could have easily cut this little guy down with a butter knife.


 I hoisted the tree over my shoulder for the trek back to the Ranger.  (Sure we could have walked down the slope and back again but what fun would that be?)

 The Ranger carted the tree back to the house in fine style.

 We placed the tree in the library and decorated it with just a few lightweight ornaments and a single string of lights.
Not too bad for a free tree!  It was a fun way to decorate but given the "natural scent", we probably will seek a more traditional option next year. 

Merry Christmas from noTTafarm!

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