Monday, January 2, 2012

noTTafarm Welcomes 2012

In our family, December 31st isn't just the end of a year . . . it's also our nephew Nick's birthday!  What better way to celebrate two fun occasions than by hosting a little gathering at noTTafarm?!  Ray and Jolene came from Kearney, and Nick and Brooke brought Allie along from Lincoln.  We enjoyed lunch, time with the world's cutest 6-month-old baby, and an afternoon of work outdoors.
The afternoon's target was the huge Osage orange tree that split and fell into the neighbor's pasture south of our driveway. 

Scott and Dad made quick work of the huge limbs with the chainsaws, a rope or two, and two 4x4 utility vehicles.

While the boys slaved away outside, Jolene, Brooke and I spent time with Allie.  She's such a happy baby!  She was all decked out for the celebration with a black tutu with rhinestone letters spelling out "Born to Sparkle" and a confetti-inspired hair bow made by her Aunt Monica.

Nick couldn't resist showing off by splitting a few of the logs.  He really needs his own gas-powered chainsaw.  Are you listening, Santa?

Brooke and Allie checked on the boys' progress.  The unusual warm weather continued on Saturday with highs in the 50s despite the gusty winds.

While the work continued, the girls went to town to do a bit of shopping.  Our fun was cut short by a call from Scott, letting us know that he was taking Dad to the emergency room!  Dad got his left ring finger caught between two logs, which created a 1.25" slice requiring stitches.

While her Great Grandpa was at the hospital (for four hours), Allie took a nap on the sofa with her daddy.  Nick has figured out that if you trap the baby next to the arm of the sofa, put some football on the TV, and sit real close, she nods off.  What a smart daddy!

 After all the worry and waiting, Dad was back at noTTafarm in time for dinner.  He ended up only having one stitch - but got to enjoy a few hours in the E.R. waiting room!

We cooked a delicious surf-and-turf dinner and enjoyed birthday cake for dessert!  Nick turned 27.

Sunday morning, Scott and Dad surveyed the previous day's harvest.  All of the logs in this wide pile were created on Saturday from that one tree. 

 Dad points out the very log that caused his finger injury.

Mom and Dad were back on the road before noon on Sunday, so Scott and the Ranger toughed it out and cleaned up the rest of one big branch.

Happy New Year from noTTafarm!
We hope you stay tuned for all the adventures that 2012 is sure to bring.

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