Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trail Cam Catches "New" Visitors

Time once again for a few photos from the trail camera! Scott recently set it to capture the diners at the food bowl station (under the barbeque grill).  The daily portion of cat food seems to be a hit with more than just cats . . .
 No surprise here . . . raccoons are frequent nighttime visitors!
 Rut row!  It's a skunk! What's the protocol for this?
 Hey!  It's CAT food, dumb dog.  I think this guy lives in the house just north of us; he's come by to say "hi" before.

 Tux is one of the better-fed of the corn crib kitties.
 Morty stopped by for a snack, too.
 And, of course, Bibbers got his share of the Meow Mix.

We're still waiting to see a coyote, a mountain lion, and a bald eagle.  
You'll be the first to know when we do!
Check Back Soon!

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