Monday, January 23, 2012

A Bit Earlier Than Planned

You all know that I'm not in love with the current kitchen but I've been surprised at how functional it actually is. There's plenty of cabinet space and the appliances all work fine.  Well, except for one; the dishwasher inexplicably gave out mid-cycle one evening last week. 

I was all for trying to have it repaired but my unscientific Facebook poll and the insistence of my smart husband convinced me that purchasing a new dishwasher was the right decision.  I was hoping to make it simple by having the Furniture Mart deliver and install the new dishwasher, and haul away the old one.  Scott balked at that idea, however, claiming that he could tote the new dishwasher ("it will only weigh about 20 pounds") and quickly install it ("it will only take me an hour"). 

Let's see how that worked out, shall we?

 One last photo before recycling . . .
Scott used the new dolly he got for Christmas to haul in the 105 pound dishwasher.  Why he didn't remove the bow or gift tag is a question for another day.
Loosening a few bolts, figuring out how to shut-off the water, and finding the right breaker to switch off took more than just a few minutes.
 Leo enjoyed the new dishwasher box!  Too bad Scott is planning on creating a condo for Bibbers . . .
 Halfway done!
 Scott did a "dry run" to make sure everything fit the way it needed to.  Success!
 Leo supervised the final installation.
Three and one-half hours later, Scott showed off his handiwork.  One GE Cafe Dishwasher successfully installed!  Hopefully, within six months, he'll be moving it to the new kitchen.

Good Job, Scotty!

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