Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Low Down on the Slow Down

I know a lot of you probably think we've grown lazy since we moved into noTTafarm.  From the lack of home improvement-centric articles on the blog, you may assume that the work has pretty much ground to a halt.  It is true that we have been distracted by our unusually warm winter (so far) and spent a lot of time outside.  But the real hard work has been going on inside - on Scott's desk!

Scott has been hard at work, finalizing the plans for our new addition!

The goal is to have the plans ready for the contractor and the City permit process by the end of February.  Scott is working on a full set of construction drawings, so every detail has to be specified.  The wait will be well worth it when we finally break ground this Spring.

Stay Tuned for More Details!

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