Monday, January 23, 2012

Raccoons No Match for New noTTafarm Hardware

Scott and I recently traveled to Kearney for the weekend.  While we were away, we asked Carl and Marita to feed our corn crib kitty cats.  We made sure they had a good supply of "Bibbers' Food" and a variety of our usual bowls to use for food and water.  Scott shared his theory that the stainless steel bowl should be used sparingly since he is pretty sure raccoons are the culprits of previous bowl thefts.

Imagine our delight when we returned to noTTafarm and discovered that Carl had designed a way to thwart the raccoons!

Carl drilled a hole through the edge of the bowl, added a clip, and chained it all to the barbeque grill.  Let's see if the raccoons can figure this one out! 

Stay Tuned!

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