Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Check Another Thing Off the List: New Septic System

Wednesday morning began with a terrible racket as a huge backhoe with metal tank-like treads came slowly down the driveway. Its squeaking and clanking surely startled the noTTafarm critters. The backhoe joined a chorus of heavy equipment and a large crew of men assembled to install the new septic tank and leach field system. Scott made it home for lunch, then emailed me the following cast of characters: "two dump trucks, a flat bed trailer, a big tank-treaded backhoe, a little baby backhoe, a Track-type bobcat, a regular T. Hurt Bobcat/trailer, too many pick-ups to count!  Piles of dirt everywhere plus a big concrete septic tank and!"  The photos he took illustrate the hub-bub: 
 A variety of equipment helped dig the trench from the house to the new septic tank's home north of the barn.
 A modified horse trailer carried the tubing and perforated pipe to the job site.
 Two big dump trucks
 New waste pipe leading from the house.
That big concrete box is the new septic tank.  
The crew was also responsible for remediation of the old septic tank which had served the property for over 60 years.
Close-up view of the new septic tank.

Before the trenches were backfilled with dirt, a layer of shredded tire nuggets was added to aid in drainage.
Yet another Cat at noTTafarm!
Leading into the new connection in the new basement.
The cap over the new tank.
By the time I got home at 5:45, this is what I saw.
I missed the whole thing!  For once, I left for work on time so I even missed the arrival of all the equipment. It is amazing to Scott and me that the whole process was completed over an 8 hour span!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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