Monday, August 27, 2012

Fireplace Continues to Take Shape

The job site was quiet again this past Friday (August 24) and today (August 27) with only the masonry crew on hand.  Lucky for us, they're doing a great job and building us an incredible fireplace!  There are five more sections of flue waiting to be installed, so it may be two days before the masons finish up with this task.
 Inside . . . 
. . . and Outside

Coming Up This Week:
Be patient, Blog Readers!  We'll have plenty more to tell you in the next two weeks, including: 
1.) Concrete and masonry on the east and north sides of the existing house
2.) Walls coming down!  Sections of the 1920 west and north walls will give way to join the new and old. 
3.) Plumbing the new addition master bath will begin Wednesday.

Even more is already scheduled to begin after Labor Day, so stay tuned!
More Details To Come!

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