Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday = Detail Day

Don't these people ever sleep in? The first crew on the scene this morning arrived at 6:45 - two men from Rock Solid returned with a backhoe to dig the last little bit of foundation in front of the garage. This space was formerly occupied by the OPPD power pole and had been "worked around" while the pesky pole waited for removal. They dug their trench and then skedaddled to make room for the mason and the concrete guys.
Early Morning Backhoe
They came, they saw, they dug, they left.

Garage Floor!
Jarek and the crew from T. Hurt poured and completed the concrete floor in the garage.  It looks great!  We are anxious to start parking inside next week even if the garage isn't quite finished.

Northwest Door Stoop
This newly-poured concrete stoop is slightly larger than Scott designed due to an error on the part of the foundation contractor.  Turns out to be a pretty neat little patio though, so we'll keep it! 

Window Trim
The Pella crew returned on Wednesday to finish the window and door installation. They outfitted most of the windows with crown moulding to match the 1920 style.

The Pella crew also installed the egress windows in the two wells on the west wall of the basement. Plenty of room for you to escape if a basement-based emergency occurs!

The "Wow" Factor!
The 8-foot tall doors were installed on the south wall of the great room. 

The two door sets were positioned so that the outside panels are stationary but the two inside panels each slide, creating a six-foot wide opening.  A concrete patio will be added later.

 A View from the South

Fireplace Progress
The limestone lintel was set into place today along with a few more rows of brick. One incorrect piece of the flue was delivered so masonry has been slowed until the correct piece is ready. 
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!


  1. The great room doors don't look so big....until the picture with Kristin standing in front of them! Wow, everything looks beautiful!