Thursday, August 16, 2012

Building Blocks of the Fireplace

The bricks, mortar, and fireplace elements were delivered today. The fireplace in the great room will be brick, inside and out, and stand 18 feet tall.  Scott chose to utilize a Rumford fireplace which is defined on the official Rumford web site thusly:

"Rumford fireplaces are tall and shallow to reflect more heat, and they have streamlined throats to eliminate turbulence and carry away the smoke with little loss of heated room air.  Rumford fireplaces were common from 1796, when Count Rumford first wrote about them, until about 1850. Jefferson had them built at Monticello, and Thoreau listed them among the modern conveniences that everyone took for granted."

 The fireplace slab was poured on Wednesday.  The mason may start as soon as tomorrow (Friday)!
 The bricks were manufactured in North Carolina by Triangle Brick
 The Rumford Components
The floor of the fireplace (shown here) and the walls of the fireplace are herringbone fire brick set into a pre-cast concrete slab.  The terra cotta pieces are the flue components; each is 13" x 18" - big enough for Santa! (or at least a skinny Santa...)

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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