Sunday, August 19, 2012

Framing: Day 18 & Masonry: Day 1

With the proper supplies finally delivered, the framing crew concentrated on the great room roof on Friday. They attached 3 layers of rigid insulation (six inches total thickness) with special 12-inch long screws.
 A view of the great room's north wall.
The insulation is topped with three types of underlayment. 
The black strip at the bottom is ice shield which will prevent damage from ice dams which could form at the eaves. The white and  beige layers are basic synthetic underlayment both of which have a grippy surface which helps steady the feet of the roofers.

The roof overhang will not receive the same insulation treatment. Instead, the framers will build and attach a frame that will bring the overhang up to the same level as the top of the insulation. Then the whole shebang will be buttoned up with a nice layer of shingles.

The roofers were going to begin working on Saturday but the oddest thing happened: it rained!  Sprinkles started at about 10AM just as a couple of guys arrived. They dropped off a few supplies then decided to wait until Monday to begin.  We had a nice, slow, soaking rain for the majority of the day with a high of only about 72 degrees.  Quite a switch from two weeks ago when it was dry as the Sahara and nearly as hot! 

Meanwhile, Masonry!
The first piece of the fireplace was set in place:  the fireplace floor.
The walls of the fireplace box were unwrapped on Friday. These should be the next pieces to be installed.
Shopping Trip
What's an evening at noTTafarm without a trip to the dumpster? Scott fished out several feet of beadboard that the framers discarded after finishing the roof overhang. I'm sure he'll find a use for this someday!  

We are looking forward to another big week of progress.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!


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