Monday, August 20, 2012

Roofers Waste No Time

The Builders' Supply truck roared up to the house this morning at about 7:15 with a big load of shingles. A crew quickly unloaded everything via conveyor to a few spots on the new roof - each big packet thrown into a pile with a big, loud thud.  I was happy to leave for work if just to get some peace and quiet!  It was bound to be a noisy day at noTTafarm.

By the time Scott made it home at lunch, it seemed the majority of the new roof had a new layer of shingles, and the integration of old and new was becoming more clear.
A view of the great room's new roof and the existing house's "old" roof - which is really only three years old.  Even though the 2009 shingles are no longer available, they did a good job of matching shingle style and color for the new supply.
Scott took these photos after he arrived home around 6PM. The roofing crew finally wrapped up their day at around 7:30pm.  Just a little bit left to finish on Tuesday.
The mason was back on Monday, too.  The Rumford fireplace now has a back and sides plus its "throat."
The first of many rows of bricks were laid in place, too. Tuesday should show us some excellent progress!
Stay Tuned for More Details!

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