Thursday, August 2, 2012

Framing: Day 7

What a difference a day makes! OPPD arrived as scheduled to take out the light pole, then the framers went nuts and pretty much built us a garage.  Check out today's progress!
Two additional garage stalls joined the Audi's today.  
The crew already added the sheathing and put the floor joists above. Next week, they will probably be adding the second floor - boy, that will look awesome!
Garage from the North
The gray box at the right is the new electric meter.  After the pole and transformer were removed, the electrician got the house back on-line. He also had time to run a new line to the barn so we will have a new (safer!) service there as well.
Roof Takes Shape
This view from the south shows the roof framing over the casual dining area of the great room/kitchen. The ceiling will be vaulted within the dining area.
Stairs and Trusses!
The framing crew built a staircase on-site today.  It will be placed in the connector and lead upstairs.  The roof trusses are stacked below.  There are 15 individual pieces which will be laminated together in groups of 3. . . so that means (if my math is correct) that the great room ceiling will have 5 exposed trusses.  Once the five trusses are ready, Scott and I will be responsible for staining them before they are installed.
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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