Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Framing: Day 9

By the end of Monday's work day, the framing crew had accomplished an amazing feat:  the placement of the five trusses in the great room! They look so awesome, and the room is really taking shape.  

We're trying to figure out what size of ceiling fans to add, so Scott had to climb up and measure.  The trusses are 3 ft. 9-11/16 in. apart. 

Just when you think the trusses were enough work for one day, the crew also got a great start on the walls for the second floor!  The bathroom, closet, and bedroom are all sectioned off.  

The east-facing window in our bedroom is huge!  Too bad the sun is going to shine straight into my eyes every morning but that's the type of sacrifice you make when you're married to an architect.

We plan on centering our bed and nightstands on the wall between the two west-facing windows.
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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