Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Work Between the Work

Just because it's Saturday or Sunday doesn't mean that work at noTTafarm comes to a stand-still.  We did accomplish two major things, and entertained some visitors.
The task of moving the wood pile to its new home north of the house was completed by noon on Saturday.  The trailer was loaded and unloaded eight times.  Luckily, Carl stopped by to help!
Two members of the framing crew spent a few hours at the house on Saturday morning. They added the fascia board to the front of the roof overhang.
Fifty more decking boards for the great room ceiling were delivered on Friday, so we spent quite a bit of time staining and clear coating.  We've been through that process about 120 times - and I got pretty tired of it  (there's a lot of standing, lifting, smelly solvents, splinters, general know the drill.)  It was all worth it though because the ceiling is going to be gorgeous, and I'm always going to feel like I contributed something to noTTafarm's new construction.

Sunday afternoon, two of Scott's friends and former co-workers, Roger and Matt, stopped by for a tour.

Carl is equally happy to have the staining/clear coating process behind us. Thanks so much for your help, Dad!

Have a Great Week!
Stay Tuned for More Progress!

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