Saturday, August 11, 2012

Framing: Day 13

It's Saturday morning and I was promised a later start to the day.  The framers had a different idea, and a few of them arrived just after 7AM to continue working on the roof overhangs.  The whole crew got a lot accomplished on Friday, and it looks like they'll be done with their portion of the project as soon as Tuesday.  Check out the progress:

With the sheathing attached, the roof shape is better defined.  
You can clearly see how the "new" matches the "old."
Bibbers Offers His Approval!
Our outdoor friends seem to be taking all of the hub-bub in stride.  As long as the food bowl gets filled, they keep coming around.
A View of the Hip Roof from the North End of the Garage.
 A View from the West, Beneath the Walnut Tree
Roof Overhang
This view of the dining area shows the construction of the roof overhang. The underside will be covered by beadboard to match the existing home's construction.
Dining Area Still Has a Way to Go
What used to be the exterior of the existing house will soon give way, opening up for the new kitchen.  This portion of the house was most recently the dining room. 
Scott's in the Laundry Closet - Again
It wouldn't be a post about framing without a photo of Scott standing in the future laundry area!
A View of the Master Suite from the North End.
With the roof on, the space really feels cozy.
Friday Evening Fun!
With the new septic tanks scheduled for installation, it's time to move the wood pile!  Luckily, Scott got to use his Ranger and his trailer plus his hardworking wife to help with the task.
The Old and The New
The barn and the corncrib frame the new addition.  
Lookin' good, so far!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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