Monday, August 6, 2012

Working on Our Truss Issues

We discovered the best way to spend a beautiful weekend:  staining the trusses!  The framing crew prepared the five trusses on Friday so that we could stain and poly-coat them prior to them being lifted into place in the great room.  Mother Nature cooperated, too, giving us beautiful weather in the 80s - a full 20 degrees lower than the past few weeks!
Ready to Go
We used the same Cherry stain that we used on the windows.  Side note:  look at my poor grass!  This drought has not spared noTTafarm.  Stay tuned for green grass in 2013. 

First Swipe
Go Scotty Go!

Scott decreed one coat of stain would suffice.  
I said, "yay!  less work for me!"

It's true that, once in a while, I do pitch in on tasks.  I was responsible for staining one and a half trusses but I poly-ed two of them.

Extra Hands Made the Work Go Faster
Carl stopped by Saturday after lunch to lend a helping hand with the staining, and made a return trip Sunday afternoon to help out with the poly-coat.  Thanks, Dad!

Ready for Monday
By late afternoon Sunday, the five trusses were looking good.  They will really enhance the great room!

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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