Thursday, August 9, 2012

Staining in the Rain is a Pain

I thought Tuesday's half-inch rain was a treat but having another nearly-one-inch rainfall Wednesday night was fantastic! Unfortunately, the rain threw a bit of a wrench into our plan to finish staining the wood decking for the great room ceiling.  Scott and I scrambled to move some wood to the barn while throwing tarps over the remainder.  After a short break, the skies cleared and we were able to get started.  
Scott was all set to start staining while I cooked dinner.  The pile in the foreground is comprised of about 50 16-ft. boards that we have stained over the past few days.  We had 24 more to do Wednesday night.
Then at about 6:30, the rain started!  It was quite a downpour, and we needed a few buckets to catch the drips in the half-exposed portions of the existing house. 
Scott set up the sawhorses inside the lean-to portion of the barn, and we toted the 24 boards two-at-a-time.  We got through with all by 10:30PM, and now look forward to the poly coating process!  Plus, there's a rumor that we may be receiving another 75 boards to stain soon. 
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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