Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Framing: Day 6

Despite another 100-degree day, the framing crew kept up their amazing pace.  Check out today's progress photos!  

Scott was excited to see his Audi's portion of
the garage is the first to be framed.   
The big news for tomorrow (Thursday) will be the removal (finally!!) of the light pole pictured here in the center of the photo.  Once it's gone, the remainder of the garage will quickly take shape.
View from the north, looking south at the back of Scott's garage (at left) and the connector and great room.
The plumber has been working, too! 
Scott climbed down into the basement to see the new waste piping.  He is meeting with the septic contractor on Friday. (Yes, I know it's distasteful but everyone has to have adequate waste disposal!)
Also on view in the basement, the new electrical panel!
The electrician installed the new panel which will receive power from the new transformer beginning on Thursday.
A View from the Top
While I was glued to the TV watching another episode of Dallas, Scott climbed a ladder to see the view from atop the garage.  Our new master bedroom will have French doors on the north side which will open onto a deck constructed on top of the garage.  The views will be great, including this one to the west.
Full Moon
Scott snapped this picture of tonight's full moon in the east - a pretty way to end our first day of August.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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