Monday, February 27, 2012

noTTafarm Design is a Team Effort

Scott may be an experienced architect but he knows his limits . . . so he asked our friend, Amy B., to pitch in on some HVAC and plumbing design for the new addition.  As you loyal blog readers know, Amy and her husband Monte are true friends of noTTafarm and have helped us with such "fun" tasks as demolition and moving.   She is figuring out the heating and cooling loads, and sizing the ductwork . . . real "engineer-y" stuff.  Lucky for us, we trapped her during her maternity leave just as she was getting bored with taking care of a 7-week old baby - so she is willing and able to help.

Scott and I took a field trip to Amy's home so he could talk through a few details.

 Of course, the best part of our trip was getting to see Brenna and Tripp!   Brenna is anxious to come visit noTTafarm again, and bring her baby brother along.

Stay Tuned for More Design Progress!

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