Sunday, February 19, 2012

While You Are Waiting . . .

Believe me.  I understand how bored you are with the blog.  Not much is happening around here so there's not much to blog about!  The great news is that Scott is concentrating on finishing the construction drawings for the new addition.  He is right on track to meet his deadline (imposed by his boss, ME!) of February 29th.  I hope he is willing to share some elevations and floor plans with you soon.  But, in the meantime, I thought it might be fun to share some
Never Before Published Photos of noTTafarm!
August, 2010 Sunset 
It won't be long until we can once again enjoy the beautiful great outdoors!
August, 2010 Building the Fire Ring
Carl rounded up a bunch of concrete blocks and before you knew it our fire pit was born.  We've certainly made great use of it!  We will, however, have to reposition it since our new garage will take over part of this space.
 September, 2010
Our first Labor Day at noTTafarm was special because my folks, Ray and Jolene, and lovely niece Lauren Jo visited from Kearney.  We girls hung out in the beautiful sunshine while Scott and Daddy took down a couple of dead pine trees.
September, 2010 Hammock Time
I miss those hazy days of summer - when I get to sit around in my hammock and watch Scott work in the yard.  Summer of 2011 was too full of gnats to enjoy so perhaps this coming summer will give more opportunities to be comfortably lazy.
 September, 2010 Attic Check
Scott took a peek into the attic...a space he got to know pretty well over the following year.  Lucky for him, the attic has been cleaned out and re-insulated so he shouldn't need to visit again any time soon.
September, 2010 Corn Crib Clean Out
We spent a grimy, humid day in the corn crib, cleaning out debris.
October 2010 Goofing Around
When Scott graded the area around the corn crib, he pushed his 1951 Willys into the yard.  I think it may have been my suggestion for him to pretend to pull it with his teeth.
October 2010 A View from the Roof
Scott went up on the house to clean out the gutters so he took a few photos.  I love this one of the barn and windmill.
March, 2011 Blocking
Scott and Carl figure out some blocking for the bathroom floor from the powder room below.
April, 2011 Reel Mower
Did I ever tell you that Scott dug an old mower out of the grass near the combine?  He towed it and parked it in front of the barn.  What are we supposed to do with this?  He wants to restore it, of course.  My ideas involve the use of a scrap metal guy.
August, 2011 Flowers
Do any of you know what these flowers are?  I have only seen them in bloom at noTTafarm.
Until We Have an Actual Adventure, Stay Tuned!

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  1. I received this answer to the flower riddle ~

    From Northfarm to nottafarm:

    The pink flowers that showed off north of the kitchen are cleome. I always liked them. They reseed themselves and most of the time you will have to pull out some as they get so thick.

    Thanks for keeping me up with your blog. Love it.