Saturday, August 10, 2013

31-Day Challenge Post #10: Laundry!

Finally, some excitement at noTTafarm! The new washer and dryer are now hooked-up and functional in the second floor laundry closet! The set was delivered way back in February, and it's been waiting patiently to be called into duty. Today was the day Scott selected to do the final task: installing the dryer vent.
The tools set the scene . . .
Scott took great pains to figure out where inside the walls lie the studs and wiring. He marked a spot for the pilot hole with the laser.
Success! The extra long drill bit breaks through the siding on the back of the house without poking any wiring.
Scott climbed out a window in the small guest room to access the roof. 
The 4-inch hole saw cut through the siding, Tyvek, 3/4"-sheething, insulation, vapor barrier, and drywall.
I watched from inside the laundry closet as he lifted the final layer out.
Next, he dry-fitted the vent to make sure it fit.
Then, the vent protrudes from the outside in.
The vent was permanently secured with a few screws, then the sides were sealed with silicon caulk for good measure.
Good job, Scotty!
Two 90-degree sheet metal elbows are coupled by a foot or so or flexible duct, then all the parts are sealed with aluminum duct tape.
It's hard to believe that it was just a year ago that this closet was framed
Now all we need to do is round up some laundry and give it a whirl. 
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure 

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