Sunday, August 25, 2013

31-Day Challenge Post #25: Heatwave

Summer refuses to release its scorching grip on Omaha, treating us to a run of 95+-degree days. I think I can make it through the next week with the glimmer of fall that Labor Day ushers in. We avoided the heat on Sunday by taking it pretty easy. Scott did some more grout clean-up in the master shower while I tried to sift through more stuff in the basement. We have several boxes that are full of "abandoned" items; we moved them here from Grant Street nearly two years ago, and have been existing quite nicely without utilizing any of the items within. Rather than entertain you with photos of the out-dated office supplies, I'm posting photos of the shower grout work.

Scott has put about seven hours cleaning the grout off the shower floor tile. It's textured, so when I grouted it back in June, the little hills and valleys on each tile captured grout and held on tight. Since the grout is lighter in color than the chocolatey tiles, it's pretty obvious that an amateur did the work. He's made great progress and will soon be satisfied enough to seal the tile and declare the shower usable.
Cleaning the grout lines of the shower walls has revealed a few spots that will need grout added. We hope to work on these final details a little each night after work. Heaven knows it gonna be too hot to do anything outdoors!

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