Tuesday, August 20, 2013

31-Day Challenge Post #20: Harvest Part II

Today was hot and sunny, so David returned to noTTafarm to bale the grass cut just last night. He was helped out by his nephew, Jonathon, and made quick work of the task. When I walked out to take a look, I met not only the new owner of the hay bales but also her new puppy.
"Peaches" is an 8-month old mutt that may be part Labrador but also has some pit bull features. 
Her coat is striped like a tiger, and she's just as sweet as can be. Peaches' mom (I forgot her name by the time I walked back to the house (how embarrassing)) has seven horses that will enjoy the tasty hay for a few months.
The hay was made into standard-sized bales this year at the buyer's request.
 Jonathon ran the baler around . . .  
 . . . and David picked them up and stacked them neatly on the trailer.
Silly Peaches! Dogs don't eat hay!
And just like that, the Great noTTafarm Harvest of 2013 was complete.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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