Thursday, August 1, 2013

31-Day Challenge Post #1: Stair Treads!

Maybe the pressure of my 31-Day Challenge worked on Scott the first day! He chose to spend his Thursday evening (after a delicious steak-and-potato dinner) putting the rubber stair treads on the connector's basement stairs.
He used the same method he developed during the stair tread installation of the "up" stairs, putting all of the paper-backed adhesive on the stairs first.
Step-by-step, he worked his way down the stairs. It was my job to take the paper as he peeled it off the glue, and place it in a neat pile for easy disposal. (My dad taught me not to crumple things because you end up throwing away air.)
And, only 40 minutes later, the treads were in place! The piece on the bottom riser will be cut and added tomorrow. Good job, Scotty!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!


  1. Go, Scotty, go!! Looks great! What's for supper tonight?

    1. It's Friday . . . so we'll probably have pizza!

    2. Pizza? What time should I be there?

    3. Maybe we'll have a big pizza party on August 31st to celebrate completion of the 31-Day Challenge :)