Friday, August 9, 2013

31-Day Challenge Post #9: Drawer Pull Success!

Scott stopped by Fastenal today and purchased a box of metric screws to use with the drawer pulls featured in yesterday's post. Since he had drilled all the holes yesterday, we had all the pulls attached in a matter of minutes! We are one step (albeit one small step) closer to having the bathroom ready for full-time use.
 The first thing we did tonight was change out the 40w lamps for 60w. We can use the dimmer now and actually notice a difference.

Scott showed me the proper procedure for attaching the drawer pulls. The screwdriver does all the work; don't turn the knob, turn the screwdriver. I attached the pulls to my assigned drawers while Scott quickly did the rest.

Also, I have a correction to make about yesterday's post:  Scott was not trying to claim that the faces of the drawer pulls were rectangular. He was speaking about the posts of the pulls. They are most definitely rectangular, and the faces are square.

I stood in the shower to take this photo which shows the entire vanity. I think these inexpensive little drawer pulls look pretty snazzy! Now if I can just get the drawers cleared of construction dust and leftover hardware bits, we'll be in business.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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