Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mid-week Progress Report

Happy Wednesday!
As the Omaha area prepares for Snowmaggedon '13 and many of you will be trapped in your homes by snow and cold, I thought I would entertain you with some noTTafarm news. 

Last weekend, February 16 & 17, we traveled to Kearney for Ward Family Love Fest! Since Christmas '12 was in the middle of the week, it was hard to figure out a time where all 21 of us could be in the same place at the same time. We turned a late Valentine's celebration into a real family party, complete with a gift exchange, too many cookies, and a beer or two. I have to admit, it was nice being away from our little project - even if it was for just a weekend.
The "Original" Ward Family
Tim, Me, Karolyn, Mark
Mom and Dad
Monday and Tuesday (Feb. 18 and 19), we turned our attention back to grouting the floor tile. We made great progress, and completed the dining area! Now we just have the hallway, entry, and pantry left to do which we may actually finish Thursday and Friday evenings. The process has been pretty easy, and Scott even lets me man my own float so I can smoosh grout just like he does. The hardest part is lugging the buckets of water necessary for sponge-rinsing; luckily, I have a strong husband who takes care of that part for me. 
The finished dining area
Late this morning, the Furniture Mart returned with our range! Scott took an extended lunch hour and was here to watch the delivery. The same driver (Shawn) that got stuck in the mud on Friday was on board today but wisely stayed in the upper portion of the driveway. 
"Ta Da!"
The Range is Happy to Be Home with the Hood, the Refrigerator, and the Microwave
These appliances are really going to "pop" when the backsplash is installed. (Stay tuned for that!) And, now that the range is hooked-up, we can cook in the new kitchen - which we did! We had a yummy steak dinner complete with mushrooms, rice pilaf, and green beans. We also started moving some of the canned goods and dishes into the new cabinets.

The Furniture Mart crew also brought along the stacking kit for the washer and dryer. We still need to install a vent for the dryer so we will have to wait to use it but at least we know they fit in the designated closet and they look pretty cool!
After dinner, Scott brought our cherry table and chairs up from the basement, and set them up in the dining area. We've had them in storage since we moved in so it is wonderful to have them available for use again!
Of course, Wilson had to jump up on the table the minute it was put in place. Silly Kitty!

Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!


  1. The picture of the kitchen from the great room is so beautiful! I especially love the exposed brick of the original chimney. All your hard work and patience is paying off!
    Your friend,


  3. Thanks, Amy & Karna! You guys are so sweet...wish you could both join me for some baking (and eating!)