Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It is Winter, After All

The weathermen in Omaha were having a hay-day last week. A large storm was predicted to travel from the west coast, taking three days to creep its way eastward before slamming our area with a Major Snow Event. They seemed to take great joy in whipping their viewers into a snow-fearing, grocery-grabbing, hunkering-down-in-the-dark bunch of weenies. Their predictions were right, though. We did get almost nine inches of snow on Thursday/Friday, February 21/22.
But, it's winter. What do you expect? 
No fear, here at noTTafarm. We just got up, got out, cleared the snow, and went to work like normal people.
Our limestone marker was nearly buried by the fluffy, sparkly snow.
Scott and The Ranger did a great job, as usual! 
Their good job with the plow coupled with the beautiful sunshine we had over the weekend created a wonderfully dry and ice-free driveway.
While Scott drove around inside The Ranger's heated cab, I tackled the courtyard with a shovel and my brute strength. If you really want to feel badly for me...I also had to lift the snow by the shovelful up and over the brick wall so that Scott could drive by in his heated cab and scoop it away.
Pretty Winter Scene (that is, until the turkeys started romping around.)
We had a really cool overhang of snow hanging off the dining room window on the south side of the house. It kept growing and growing until it finally collapsed.
Stay Warm & Bundle Up! Spring is Still 24 Days Away.

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