Sunday, February 3, 2013

Four Weeks In . . . Tiling Continues

You know that 1993 movie, Groundhog Day, when Bill Murray's character wakes up every day to relive the day he lived the day before? How ironic that on Groundhog Day 2013, I woke up to repeat the same set of chores we've faced for the last month. February 2nd was just another day of laying tile at noTTafarm. 
Saturday morning, Carl and Scott worked on tile for the east entry and the pantry. 
The pantry is looking good! 
Just need some grout, some baseboards, some outlet covers, and some shelves.
Scott added an extra layer of mortar in the hallway to even-out an out-of-whack area. It took about an hour until our house guest, Wilson, let his mark. It's just unfortunate that these paw prints will be forever covered by tile.
By Saturday evening, the majority of the entry hall was done.
Sunday afternoon relaxation.
Leo is happiest when he has a patch of concrete to roll around on. Too bad this mortar is not a permanent cat amenity!
When I arrived home from church Sunday, I found Scott under the stairs. He had a ladder propped up from the basement to the landing so he could access this tight spot.
New Day, Same Chores
By 6 PM Sunday, the work effort had moved to the back hallways. Carl and I did prep work while Scott moved from one hallway to the other to place the tile. 

The good news is that we only have about 20 more tiles to put in place. The bad news is we still have about 20 more tiles to put in place.  
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!*
(*It will probably involve tile.)

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