Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grouting Begins at Last!

After another two days of cutting and fitting and mortaring tile, we finally began grouting Sunday after dinner! Yay! Due to the late hour, we have made a modest start, and have about two-thirds of the kitchen area grouted. As I type this, we are waiting the obligatory two hours before performing the final wiping of the glazy hazy grout leftovers that cover the tile.
More of the perimeter tile was measured, cut, and mortared on Saturday and Sunday. The tile pattern stayed true throughout the first floor space.
The east entry is the last hold-out. Scott has to figure out how to handle the area that transitions to the stairs leading to the basement but the rest of the entry floor is done.
What's a blog post without one more picture of Scott laying down a bed of mortar?
Some of the pieces that Scott cut are about an inch wide. Good thing he bought the new tile saw!
No, that's not a loaf of banana bread waiting for the oven . . . it's a small pan of grout, ready to go!
We worked with small batches so that the grout wouldn't dry out before it could get properly smushed into the joints.
After the grout set-up for 15 minutes, it was my job to wipe the excess grout off with a wet sponge. Despite my spiffy new gloves which I thought lent an air of professionalism, I was still constantly reminded of the proper technique. Luckily, I passed the first test and will be allowed to continue.
Looking pretty good! We are happy that the color of the grout matches the tile color pretty closely.
Wilson sauntered past so I forced him to have his picture taken. He is now officially "our" cat and has taken up residence in the guest room. He and Leo are becoming buddies, too! I'm sure Wilson will be featured in a few stories now and then.

OK - time to go wipe off the glaze. Wish me luck! Keep your fingers crossed that the grouting process is much, much faster than the tiling process, too.
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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