Sunday, November 4, 2012

Entering the Home Stretch

Now that a lot of sub-contractor work is wrapping up, it is time for Scott and me to start earning our sweat equity. We concentrated this weekend on drywall clean-up and paint!  Before you get too excited, it was primer and ceiling paint...not any of the fun colors that will soon be selected and applied.

The painting began with the purchase of five-gallon buckets of ceiling paint and drywall primer. I already have a suspicion that I will be making another trip to Sherwin-Williams before this task is complete.
I started the ceiling paint with the cove in our master bedroom. It wasn't too long before the tedious, arduous work had wiped that smile off my face. Thankfully, my strong husband stepped in to help finish - then he moved on to ceilings in the adjacent hallway and the master closet.
As you can imagine, the dust left in the wake of the drywall installation was plentiful. Rather that continuing to track white trails throughout the house, Carl and Marita "volunteered" to spend a few hours on Saturday with the Shop Vacs.
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for pitching in so cheerfully!!
By the time I got home from church on Sunday, Scott and Carl had made great progress in the kitchen; most of the ceiling painting was done. After lunch, we split the duty: Carl and I worked on priming the walls while Scott carried on with the ceiling in the kitchen, back hallway, and pantry.
It's amazing how a coat of primer can make a construction zone look like a "room!" Scott and I continued to work on priming in the master bathroom, master closet, and hallway. We've taken a bite out of this chore but still have a way to go.

In other news. . . 
Some electrical progress was made this week. The breaker switches have all been installed on the new panel in the basement, correctly labeled and everything! The lights in the basement are even hooked up and operating as expected. The exterior paint crew was back on Saturday, and are probably one more day away from wrapping up the trim paint. It is looking great, and most of the plastic covering is now off the windows (good bye, claustrophobia!)

Coming up this week . . . 
The T.Hurt crew should be here Monday to install some sub-floor materials in the kitchen. The cabinet crew will be bring our cabinetry (yes, can you believe it!?) on Tuesday. Our tile is going to be delivered this week, so we'll be moving it into the garage until installation time. Electrical needs to continue, we need to keep painting, and Scott needs to get that darned 1920 bathroom done! (We're so close, really, I'm not exaggerating.)
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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