Sunday, November 25, 2012

4-Day Weekend Yields (Even More) Painting

Happy Thanksgiving! 
This year, I am thankful for Sherwin Williams and their superior paint. Okay, maybe that's a bit overstated but painting was the focus of our four-day holiday. 
Before we enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with the family at Jeff's restaurant, I had time to paint the new laundry closet. I chose Rapture Blue SW6773, the same color I used for the picnic table project last summer. This is another beautiful color from Sherwin William's "Coastal Cool" collection.
The finished laundry closet adds a pop of color to the connector hallway. Too bad it will be hidden behind doors soon!
Scott chose Lemongrass SW7732 as an accent color for the connector. This muddy yellow/green covers the north wall of the connector from the second floor landing all the way to the basement.
A view of the north wall on the first floor, partly painted with Lemongrass.
The finished accent wall looks great! The color changes throughout the day as the sunshine moves from window to window.
Our old buddy Watery SW6478 was called in to play for an accent in the master bedroom. We used this same soft aqua in the second floor bedrooms last year.
 The ceiling cove looks great with this pretty addition!
In other news . . . Scott rebuilt the temporary railing at the top of the connector stairs. Leo supervised, as always.

We also spent a bunch of time painting the great room and casual dining area but I neglected to take any photos! The challenge of the tall ceilings required the use of several ladders and extension poles but we've made a huge dent in the task. The color we selected for these areas plus the hallway and connector is Muslin SW6133. This soft off-white is the perfect foil for the other bolder colors we have used as accents throughout the house. 
With the painting nearly finished, the contractor should be able to begin adding all of the wood trim. Then we will get to start the fun adventure of staining all of the windows, doors, and baseboards!
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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