Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wood Trim: Days 2 and 3

The wood trim work continues! The two-man crew made some good progress on Tuesday and Wednesday, and still has several days ahead. Check out their progress: 
On Tuesday, the first of the doors were installed. Scott shows off the laundry closet's double doors. (Memories!) The small door at left is a closet that was built behind the 1920 bathroom.
Scott checks out the beginnings of applied truss on the west wall of the great room. 
For whatever reason - I'm sure it's a good one - the crew gnawed away a border of drywall around each window.  Good thing we were so careful with painting close to the windows!
By Wednesday evening, the applied trusses were nearly complete, and looking as Scott had hoped.
They added a small piece of trim along the top of each wall to close the gap between drywall and wood-plank ceiling.
Applied trusses are also being installed at the highest portions of the north and south walls. All of this wood trim will keep us busy staining for a while!

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