Friday, November 30, 2012

Open Sesame

Progress continues at a good pace this week, capped by the installation of the garage door openers! Since the doors were installed last month, Scott has been manually lifting the doors (I'm too wimpy) so this is a great development and convenience.
 Newly installed and ready to work!
 Three controls positioned near the man door.
The mechanics are really quiet and operate very smoothly.  
A total success!

Other doors are installed and operable, too! We've said goodbye to the temporary "bang doors" installed by the contractor and now have "real" doors in place leading to the garage and the east entry.
The new Pella Architect series entry door was installed on Thursday. 
It's (of course) unfinished and will be stained in a tone similar to the garage doors. The side light frame was accidentally painted by the exterior painting crew so that will need to be fixed.
The new garage entry is a solid pine 5-panel door to match other interior doors.
The pocket door was installed in the master bathroom water closet on Friday.
The master suite door was also installed on Friday!

If you're interested in doors, noTTafarm is the place to be!
And next week - watch for barn door installations (hint . . . not in the actual barn!)
Stay Tuned for Our Next Adventure!

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